What is Paititi?

Paititi means a legendary Inca lost city. We hope you can find your beloved treasure on Paititi App!

Want to collect an illustration that you like on the Internet? Well, you can screenshot and save it on your phone, but does it mean you really own it?

Use Paititi App, truly own your beloved collectibles!

Paititi is a digital collectible trading platform. Through this app, you can trade various kinds of digital collectibles, such as cards, stickers, badges and artwork. Since we have developed our blockchain technology, your collectibles are unique and the trading process is definitely safe.

What functions does Paititi have?

You can purchase digital collectibles through this platform. The more collectibles you own, the more badges you will gain. Others can recognise your achievements! You can also follow the creators that you like and keep track of their latest updates.

Can I share my artwork on Paititi?

Sure! We welcome all creators to showcase and sell your artwork on Paititi. Let more people get to know you!

What are you still thinking of? Download Paititi App immediately and enjoy a brand-new collecting experience!

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